​Bravo! Handcrafted Beer, Brewed for You in Kalamazoo

Our handcrafted beer is brewed in small batches by our brewer / Manager Nick Chard. Making just two barrels at a time assures our beer is always fresh. Refreshing and crisp, Bravo! beers are expertly created to pair with our menu offerings.

Available at Bravo! Kalamazoo and nowhere else.

What's On Tap

Melon Blonde Ale
This beer is refreshing, crisp and light! Slightly sweet with a touch of melon.
Grain: Pale, Caramel Pilsner and Munich
Hops: German Hull Melon
 ABV 4.5% / IBU 25 
Chef’s Amber Ale
A rich caramel and uniquely bright flavors with an balanced hoppy finish.
Malts: Pale, Munich, Caramel and Chocolate
Hops: Liberty, Cluster, and Hallertau
IBU 21 / A.B.V.  6.3 %  
Drinking Water Session IPA
A refreshing low alcohol hoppy treat 
Grain: Pale, Caramel Pilsner, Oat Flakes, Caramel and Munich
Hops: Citra, El Dorado, Summit, Cascade and Zeus
IBU 68 / ABV 3.5%
Citropolous IPA
A blend of a Citra, Zeus and Galaxy give this beer its distinctive citrusy blast.
Grain: Pale, Caramel and Munich
Hops: Zeus, Citra and Cascade
IBU 88 / ABV 7.1% 
Granola Oatmeal Stout
Lots of specialty malts and spicy hops fit the flavor profile of a delicious breakfast of oatmeal with raisins and a cup of coffee
Grain: Oat Flakes, Pale, Caramel, Chocolate, Honey Malt, 
Victory, Black and Special B
Hops: Magnum
IBU 25.6 / A.B.V. 6%


Bravo!Beer Flight - Enjoy a sample of four of our Handcrafted Beers. Four and one half ounce pours of each 6.00

Growler to Go - Comes in a half-gallon glass growler. 15.00 (Return your growler and exchange it for a new one and a refill 11.00)